89km Cycle to attend class: Massimo Koopman

Massimo Koopman is an eDeaf student currently studying AET at eDeaf Cape Town. He is a student who showed true dedication. Such dedication we felt a need to share his story.

On 22nd of November 2016, he missed his train, which would take him to class in Bellville. Massimo is a dedicated student who did not want to miss his lessons, so he decided he would cycle to class. Unlike many students who cycle to their classes, Massimo does not live close to Bellville. He lives in Worcester, some 89km from Bellville.

We spoke to a very tired Massimo about this amazing dedication he showed. “I woke up and looked at my phone for the time and realised that it is 6am and I was late. I normally wake up at 4am, take a taxi at 5am and get on the train at 5:30am. So I had already missed my train as there is only 1 train that goes to Cape Town”.

We chatted more about other ways he could have got from Worcester to Bellville and Massimo explained, “I tried to make a plan to come to class as I did not want to be absent. To take a taxi to Bellville from Worcester is very expensive, so I decided to use my bicycle to come to class. I informed my facilitator that I would be coming late, I left at 7am with my bike and I cycled all the way to Bellville. I stopped before Wellington to rest for few minutes, as I was tired. I continued to cycle to Wellington and checked the train timetable to see if I could take the next train to Bellville. Unfortunately, the train was delayed, so I decided to continue with my cycling to Bellville.”

Massimo eventually arrived just before lunchtime, he was completely exhausted; the eDeaf staff and his fellow learners were shocked to hear how he had cycled all the way from Worcester a total of 89km, the length of the Comrades Marathon.

After lunch, when we checked in on Massimo, and we found him working in his workbook, dedication to the end.

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