An Award For All.

On the 1st of March 2017, the eDeaf team were in attendance at the Gauteng Premier’s Service Excellence Awards. These awards were launched in 2002 as a means of “recognising, encouraging and rewarding service delivery initiatives and efforts by various governmental departments, to further entrench the culture of Batho Pele and to produce best practice as regards outstanding service delivery. The programme culminated every year with the hosting of a gala event at which the Premier acknowledged winning teams and projects from nominated departments”. These awards were then expanded to include participation by line departments and their agencies across the province.
The Gauteng Provincial Government notes that the Gauteng Premier’s Service Excellence Awards are focused on the following principles and objectives:

  • A drive to instil a culture of Batho Pele (Putting People First)
  • A desire to infuse the application of the Batho Pele principles into all activities carried out by officials in their service of residents and other stakeholders
  • A necessity to recognise, showcase and award projects and departments excelling in the provision of services
  • A necessity to engage residents of Gauteng in awards processes, particularly in the nomination of deserving projects, and
  • A desire to establish a platform for the production and dissemination of best practice from which institutions would draw.

The key objective of the Gauteng Premier’s Service Excellence Awards is ensuring the recognition of and business, brand or member of the public for their outstanding contribution to the delivery of services to the residents of the Gauteng in the sphere of community development, advancing active citizenry, developing a culture of ownership in resolving challenges facing communities as well as recognising the effort and value added by all involved.
The critical outcomes that the Gauteng Provincial Government lists that the awarding of the Gauteng Premier’s Service Excellence Awards that are needed to be achieved are the following:

  • Innovative, context-specific projects for Social Transformation, Economic Growth and Sustainable Development, conceptualised and good practice shared to improve the growth and development trajectory in the Gauteng City Region.
  • Improved civil society ownership of community development through implementation of programmes, projects and initiatives which are inspired by community needs;
  • Increased awareness of government’s willingness to work collaboratively with civil society to address challenges faced by the Gauteng City Region;

The team from eDeaf are incredibly proud to announce that we received a special award for Empowerment by the Gauteng Provincial Government as part of the Gauteng Premier’s Service Excellence Awards. This is a massive achievement to all involved

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