eDeaf, a business of empowering social change.

Anglican bishop, philosopher, and writer, George Berkeley was most well-known for posing the question: “If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?” He used this question as a foundation for the theory that it is our perception creates our reality. The Deaf community of South Africa is arguably one of the most marginalised groups living within our country. The reason for this is two-fold: Firstly, when compared to other physical disabilities, Deafness is often not visible, and secondly, the Deaf cannot communicate freely within the hearing world, they are often regarded as unfit for employment and socially isolated as a result.
eDeaf, a Deaf-owned BBBEE Level 2 company was established in 2007 as a mean of providing training and employment services to both employers and Deaf employees. Through qualified facilitator lead training, the Deaf teach the Deaf. eDeaf now boasts over 50 employees, the majority of which are Deaf.
All eDeaf courses, programmes and learnerships are focused on five main areas.

  1. Wholesale and retail learnerships
  2. Adult education & training programmes
  3. IT / End user computing training
  4. SASL South African sign language training
  5. Reasonable accommodation: Deaf sensitisation & Deaf specific soft skills

The students are initially interviewed and guided to help with the placement into a career path they not only have an affinity for but are interested in. The learners are immersed in a simulated business world whereby they will not only be educated, but coached and guided through various modules that will empower them to be fully functioning members of the business world, whilst allowing the employers business to reap the benefits of disabled equity and development rebates.
At eDeaf, we are a business of empowering social change. Our learners pave the way to change the perception of what is known about Deafness. Through our partnered solutions eDeaf strives to produced students who have the relevant skills and training needed, are of the highest standards and have the ability to do the job. Our students are the driving force that continues to grow our win-win partnerships that benefit both employee and employer. The biggest testament to what has been achieved is the 2500 students who have gained a formal qualification and are now employed by over 120 different businesses in various fields and this number is growing. As part of our 10 year anniversary, the focus continues to be on the recruitment and facilitation of the employment of the highest caliber, qualified eDeaf students into various careers.
To find out more about how you and your company can be involved with eDeaf visit our website www.edeaf.co.za or call 011 837 7432. For any recruitment related queries kindly e-mail Jesse Kotze (COO) at jessek@edeaf.co.za, for any learnership related queries kindly e-mail Stuart Loftus (Strategic Accounts Manager) at stuart@edeaf.co.za.

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