Nazreen Bhana Nominated for BBQ Award

We are thrilled to be attending the BBQ (Black Business Quarterly) Awards Ceremony later this year. This is an event that essentially searches for the most outstanding black businesses and leaders to honour them for their extraordinary achievements in job creation, fair labour practices, interest in their employees’ careers and overall management skills. We are even more thrilled to announce that Odelle Hadnum from Chilli Source Design and Chris Midgley from 36c have nominated our very own Nazreen Bhana for the Outstanding Business Woman Award.
Here is what they had to say:
It was not until I met Nazreen that I truly came to understand the meaning of empowerment, encouraging those around her to uplift themselves and create a better environment for future generations to come. A role model of the Deaf community, Nazreen has a fire that refuses to fade on her quest to employ and empower Deaf individuals, with her motto “if you want something badly enough, you’ll find a way” as her driving force.
She is the CEO of an incredible company that I have had the privilege of working with, called eDeaf, whose sole mission is to produce learners that change perceptions, ensuring that Deaf individuals have the same opportunities in the workplace as Hearing individuals. As a Deaf person herself, Nazreen has a great deal of insight into the needs of the Deaf community, and this, coupled with a relentless passion to fix the lack of opportunity there is for young Deaf people, is what has ensured that her enterprise continues to make a big difference.
eDeaf’s growth has been exponential over the last few years, and thousands of students have gained formal qualifications and are now employed countrywide. With Naz’s determination eDeaf has successfully bridged the communication gap between the Deaf and hearing, gaining a national footprint.
It is nothing short of refreshing to see someone thrive off the empowerment of others, and it is something that doesn’t simply speak of integrity, but an unwavering sense of compassion that has the ability to move mountains. Nazreen is not just a CEO, she is someone that embodies her organisation and truly creates social change. She inspires me and all those around her every day, and I look forward to many more years of inspiration.

Odélle Hadnum
Director, Chilli Source Design

eDeaf are more than just a business that provides training and job placement for Deaf individuals. They are in the business of empowering social change. Our dealings with the team from eDeaf and their learners have totally changed the perception of what was known about Deafness and the Deaf community.
eDeaf have what they like to call the partnered solutions approach and this is in my opinion what makes them stand out as a business and brand. eDeaf strive to produce students who have the relevant skills and training needed, are of the highest standards and have the ability to do the job. They achieve this by regularly hosting focus groups that allow employers to tell them exactly what they are looking for in employees, and they then incorporate this information and feedback into the syllabus and learnings of their students.
The biggest testament to what has been achieved by eDeaf over the last 10 years, is the nearly 3000 students who have gained a formal qualification and are now employed by over 120 different companies in various fields and this number is growing and fueled by the fact that eDeaf now boasts a national footprint, an interactive app that teaches SASL and helps to bridge the communication gap between Deaf and the hearing. The way in which eDeaf has grown to a staff compliment of over 50 (the majority of which are Deaf), within four training hubs and is consistently expanding again reaffirms that they are a company on the rise and one that many businesses could learn from.
Whilst many milestones have been achieved by the eDeaf team in these first 10 years. I believe that this is only the tip of the iceberg and there will be many more to come. I believe that eDeaf will continue to grow from strength to strength if they continue to stay true to the finding of solutions to the first question posed when they started the business – How can we help Deaf people to Empower themselves?

Chris Midgley
Director, 36c

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