January 2018 – 10 Ways to Kick Your Own Butt

10 Ways to Kick Your Own Butt Workshop
“Many people start a new year with a New Years Resolution, which has been thought up at the very last minute … (often alcohol induced ?) and it has no real thought or commitment and it might not necessarily be meaningful to them. Resolutions don’t usually work and are often forgotten in a matter of weeks. A resolution is only a goal when it is written down.  Nobody has the luxury of having an in-house coach for their lives. We have to motivate ourselves and discipline ourselves to succeed. This takes work and effort. Nobody is waiting to kick your butt and waiting to make sure you show up and live your best life. This is entirely up to you.
How to kick your own butt in 10 easy steps:

  1. Be Dissatisfied Enough to Make a Change

Change is hard. To make a change, you need to have a high level of discontentment or dissatisfaction. You need to know where you are before you know where you are going to.   Be in enough pain to make a change! Being comfortable never ever creates motivation. Practise self-awareness. What is missing from your life?

  1. Develop a Vision of What Your Future Looks Like

How will you know when you are successful and happy? A SMART goal is never vague and unfocused. Do you have a goal that scares and inspires you? If you have an emotion that is connected to your goal you will have a better chance of being invested in that goal. The clearer your picture is in your mind, the more likely it is to happen. Be an architect of your own fate rather than a hapless victim of circumstance.

  1. Public Declaration

Tell others about your Big Hairy Goal. Be accountable to others and let that force drive you. Don’t make random and weak excuses for not achieving your goals. People are defined by their excuses: “That’s just the way I am” or “I don’t have time, money, confidence, support” etc. What is your standard excuse for not achieving your goals? Of course, not everyone will support your goals, but don’t accept the critical comments of others as truth in your life.

  1. Develop and Action Plan

Big goals can be overwhelming. Break your goal down into the steps you need to follow each month, each week and each day. Develop a do-it-now approach. What can you do today that will take you closer to your goals? Every single day matters. One of the most overlooked secrets of success is consistency. It’s difficult to start… But START!

  1. Set Measurables

Be more scientific about your goals and you will gain control over the outcome. Whatever your goal is, you need a system to keep you on track. Imagine watching an exciting sports game but there is no scorecard? It would take away a lot of the excitement from the game. It can be very motivating to check out your scorecard and get feedback on your progress.

  1. Focus

You get what you focus on. Every action either takes you closer to or away from your goal. Keep your desk uncluttered and your mind calm. Stop multi-tasking! Do one thing at a time and get it done properly. Ask yourself “what one thing can I do today to make me more effective?” Be disciplined.

  1. Positive Reinforcement

Find someone who will see the potential in you even when you don’t see it.  If you want to achieve your full potential it helps to have a support team or a few people who understand your goal and have your back.  I encourage you to develop an affirmation to help you focus your energy, and attention on becoming the person you want to be.  Highlighting words in a positive manner that describe the best version of you.  You will soon start displaying these behaviours that you are speaking into your life.

  1. Re-align and Re-focus

We all lose our way from time to time. If you find you are off course – re-adjust your directions and your actions. What should you STOP doing that is no longer working for you? What should you START doing that you haven’t done before? What should you CONTINUE to do because it is working for you? Don’t be too hard on yourself when you have a setback, be kind to yourself and lift yourself up. Try a new approach if the plan you have it too rigid.

  1. Celebrate When you Reach Your Goals

Celebrate your small victories along the way. There must be some fun and some passion in your goal. Set fun goals too – not everything has to be serious! Set goals for your social life, interests and hobbies too. Fun is not always spontaneous. Put it in your diary before someone else’s goals appear on your agenda.  Do something everyday that makes you happy.

  1.  Dream BIG

Give yourself permission to dream big. Achieving meaningful goals is a powerful way to increase your confidence.  What other areas of your life can you set an inspiring goal for? Excellence in one area of your life will lead to other areas of excellence. Start taking risks and stop playing small. Get rid of excuses. Today is all you have. Don’t let fear, low self-esteem, a lack of confidence or being in a rut hold you back. You have what it takes to be the architect of your life!

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