January 2018 – IT News

Admin is About to get Easier!
– Calvin Kammeraat
The development of LMS is moving ahead at a steady pace now. We are busy with re creating and fixing the contracts after the last big update to the system. Once this is done, we will be moving ahead with assigning learners to classes as well as adding in all of the scheduling for 2018.
We strongly believe that this will be to the benefit of all of the staff and make attendance and monitoring much easier and more efficient! Once we start using the system fully, we will be able to really achieve new standards of administration and reporting!
The training for the different staff groups has been planned and we are waiting for a window when its not too busy to grab all of you and get started! We really hope that you will not only embrace the change, but also give us feedback as you use it to help us make it better.
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