Marketing Goals 2018

eDeaf has evolved in the past 10 years. From a coffee shop conversation to an SME which provides employment for over 50 disabled staff and structured learning interventions for thousands of previously economically inactive young Deaf people of South Africa. Awareness of who we are within our target market is growing steadily. We now have an online and social media presence which is gaining interest and momentum. Clients are taking advantage of BBBEE incentives, as well as being sensitized to their Socio Economic responsibilities.
From Strength to Strength – Meeting Challenges
Recruitment of learners into the real world of work remains our biggest challenge. Learnerships fulfil a symbiotic relationship whilst permanent recruitment is often met with reservation. Companies both large and small are apprehensive regarding perceived communication barriers and health and safety regulations. Companies are seemingly less concerned regarding workplace competency which is concerning.
In an effort to allay these reservations, the marketing team will be working on a series of internal and external work readiness and awareness videos. The work readiness videos provide a foundation that will set the candidate up for success in their role. The awareness videos aim to give insight into the lives of the Deaf and to “look through their eyes”.
I believe our Marketing approach should be fresh, uplifting and engaging.  We should always try to point to a solution and not refer too much to poor schooling etc. and wrongs of the past.

  • More free media coverage in 2018
  • Win an award?!
  • Having a presence at corporate events – get our PROs out there
  • Raise our profile on social media – Facebook
  • Quarterly targets for placement need to be met
  • Monthly clients mailers
  • Awareness video – internal & external
  • Job Fund = Breaking Barriers
  • Monthly top candidates featured – engage more with other recruitment agencies, offer incentives for placement etc.
  • Facebook engagement
  • Grow our database
  • Increase number of placements from last year by 20%

Let’s work together to achieve these objectives!

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