Challenges that arise should you fall pregnant during your learnership:

Like many young people around the world, the youth of South Africa have high hopes and dreams for their future. Many of these hopes and dreams though, do not include an unplanned pregnancy as a result of unprotected sex. It is important to note that falling pregnant is not “the end of the world”, but it may mean adjusting your plans for your future. Should you fall pregnant, we say that you must still follow your dreams because it’s not only your life anymore, but the life of you and your child. Be the best possible role model that you can be.
It is important, for a number of reasons, that safe and responsible sex is practiced. This means that you should always use a condom and contraceptives, as well as get tested for sexually transmitted diseases regularly. If you are having safe sex, you will more likely be able to achieve your high hopes and dreams, rather than having to take a different path than that which you had planned to.
We have compiled a list of reasons to remember to play it safe when it comes to having sex:

  • History has shown that learners who become pregnant more often fail to finish education as caring for a child makes it difficult for them to continue with their studies.
  • There are greater risks, concerns and potential complications that are related to younger women being pregnant.
  • The pregnancy often results in many of the learners missing class and being unable to complete their learnerships and therefore they do not qualify or graduate at the end of the year.
  • A lack of formal education and qualification makes it more difficult for these mothers to find, as well as keep good jobs.
  • Many people are not able to survive being solely dependent on the baby’s father for financial support, if they are around.

We urge all off our students to play it safe when it comes to sex and to always consider your future. Should you feel you need to speak to someone around this issue, please email Judy Kammeraat at, and she will be able to provide you with some guidance in this regard. Kindly note, all discussions will be kept strictly confidential.

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