Deaf Culture Sensitisation training was introduced as part of the eDeaf offering and is aimed at Deaf workers, their colleagues, supervisors and management and any staff who may interact with Deaf customers.  The purpose of this interactive workshop is to teach all participants the basics of South African Deaf culture, South African Sign Language (SASL) and a brief history of the Deaf community of South Africa.

Overall, the aim is to enhance communication in the work environment and provide a better understanding between Deaf and hearing community.

Who can benefit from this workshop?

  • Deaf employees
  • Colleagues of Deaf employees
  • Supervisors and managers of Deaf employees
  • Staff that may interact with Deaf customers

Sensitisation Training:

Our professional team of Deaf, cultural liaisons are accompanied by a Sign Language interpreter to come and share their knowledge with your team to expose them to a group of people who find themselves on the fringe of society, due to perceived communication barriers. Together they ensure active participation and provide constructive guidance in bridging the communication gap between all participants. This is an enriching experience which focuses on the following aspects:

  • Basic introduction to Deafness, and Deaf culture
  • Basic introduction to SASL
  • Do’s and don’ts around Deaf culture.
  • Basic similarities and differences between the Deaf and hearing
  • Basics on how to communicate with a Deaf individual (greetings, please and thank you etc)
  • Using fingerspelling appropriately.
  • Common SASL signs in your workplace


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