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Here’s everything you need to know

eDeaf is partnering with an online skills development platform called SkillsTown. With the launch of SkillsTown’s professional learning platform, all of your goals are within reach.

Driving inclusive growth and making high-quality skills development a reality, through a combination of first world technology, capability and expert knowledge.

The SkillsTown e-learning platform specialises in the continuous personal development of corporate employees. As a business professional, you get access to hours of business relevant content, designed for high-quality business growth, as well as regular eDeaf content.


Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your
Skills Development Interventions?

Onboard employees through a customisable interface.

Identify available skills and find potential gaps.

Don’t drown in attendance registers, now you can track, control and report on employee development through informal training (micro-learning).

Know what skills and competencies employees have, and how that might affect company sustainability.

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eDEAF is a trusted re-seller (preferential procurement) and is a 51% Black, Disabled (Deaf), Female owned supplier (B-BBEE Level 2).

Maximise your Skills Development Spend for informal training (Category F&G) where applicable.

The SkillsTown platform cost contributes towards your 6% target for SD, plus any additional informal training (capped at 25%).

We offer partnered solutions and a variety of unique skills development solutions designed to meet clients’ needs.

Data-driven companies are 58% more likely to exceed their revenue goals, than non-data driven companies.

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You obviously want to know what is included in the Corporate MBA

Our cMBA is the most complete training at higher vocational level for managers, executives and employees. It combines personal development with broad business knowledge and strategic thinking. The course consists of eight substantive components that are based on the latest trends from the business world.


In this block, your employees will learn about the structure of the cMBA and the methods it uses. They’ll also get to work with the first personal development module: the time management scan. The assignments for this section are aimed at building a strong group, so that they can help each other to make the most of the course as a team.


  • cMBA introduction
  • Scan: Time management
  • Assignments

Management & leadership

In this block, the basics of management are covered to ensure that everyone starts with the same fundamental knowledge. The e-learning ‘Leadership and personality’ provides a good insight into the characteristics and skills of effective leaders.


  • Management basics
  • Leadership and personality
  • Scan: Leadership
  • Assignments


Strategy is an important topic for top managers. It determines the direction and focus of the company; where should we be going as an organisation? This module gives your employees an introduction to this topic, but also goes further into describing several useful theories and models that can be used to establish a strong strategy for your organisation.


  • An introduction to business strategy
  • Scan: Communication style
  • Assignments


This innovation module has two perspectives, namely ‘innovation is everywhere’ and ‘technical innovation’. The term innovation automatically leads us to think about product innovation, but in fact, innovation is everywhere, and influences all aspects of your organisation. Innovation is also the basis of an agile organisation, which takes us to the technical side of things.


  • Innovation in business
  • Assignments


Organisations are no longer what they used to be. The dynamic nature of today’s organisations demands the ability to continuously adapt. In this section, several famous experts will show your employees how to deal with specific problems and make the best use of IT.


  • Organisational structure
  • Effective management and IT
  • Scan: Managerial effectiveness
  • Assignments

Human Resource Management

Every executive must have a basic knowledge of HRM. What are the main issues in a large organisation? How do the typical characteristics of new generations bring about changes in this field? This block also includes the topic of cultural diversity and doing business.


  • HRM for managers
  • Cultural diversity and doing business
  • Scan: Conflict management
  • Assignments

Sales & marketing

A carefully crafted combination of sales and marketing is vital for success. This is a classic topic, but one that can change enormously from year to year, particularly as a result of new technological developments.


  • Sales for managers
  • Marketing for managers
  • Assignments


The final block covers another essential topic: finance. Every top manager should have a solid basic knowledge when it comes to finance. This section includes a series of e-learnings that take your employees through the fundamental concepts one by one.


  • Finance for managers 1
  • Finance for managers 2
  • Finance for managers 3
  • Assignments

How do you get the best results when Learning & Development budgets are under pressure?

We understand how important it is to retain and develop valuable employees. Companies depend on motivated employees with the skills to compete in a constantly changing business environment.

It is frustrating to only select two or three employees to complete an MBA, due to the significant costs involved. Not to mention the risk of losing them as soon as they receive their MBA qualification.

The online Corporate MBA will:

  • Save you money
  • Help motivate, attract, develop and retain high-performing employees 
  • Assignments focus on relevant company challenges, designed to get immediate results
  • Ensure your L&D spend will receive the available B-BBEE points

Customers love SkillsTown

Customers’ rate SkillsTown 9,2/10

At SkillsTown, we believe in innovative education. An effective way of learning that suits the dynamic world we live in and generates the best results.

The Skills Town cMBA is an excellent integrated combination of content and delivery platform. The cMBA allows organisations to give all Mangers in the business relevant knowledge delivered by experienced subject matter experts. It disrupts the traditional models of delivering corporate education, by using a range of teaching and learning modalities coupled with latest thought leadership.

Dr Eric Albertini (Phd)

Future Fit Academy

SkillsTown’s cMBA is not only aligned to other well recognised MBA’s globally it affords executives, senior and middle managers with the opportunity to have access to the same high-quality thinking from experts in their field.  The platform in my opinion is geared to address modern world challenges for organisation, where uncertainty is inevitable.  It allows for collaborative learning and levels the playing field for the middle manager who is expected to become a strategic thinker.

Belinda Wagner (MBA, Doctoral Candidate)

Business Life Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign my organisation up for this cMBA course?

You can register for our corporate MBA course by contacting us. Send us your details via the form and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities for your organisation.

Do my employees earn any formal qualification after completing the course?

Should an organisation want recognition towards Skills Development within Category B, instead of Category F and G, the participants can register with SA Business School to acquire credits towards a SAQA qualification at a NQF Level 5 (SAQA ID: 59201) or NQF Level 6 (SAQA ID: 48967), depending on the level of assessment required by the organisation. This is achieved by the Future Fit Academy modules alignment to the cMBA.

What are Open Badges?

An Open Badge provides visual, digital and reliable evidence that your employee has acquired a particular skill, competence or level. These open badges are universally recognised, fully transferable and can be added to a LinkedIn profile. Leading organisations such as IBM and Google are already using this modern form of accreditation.

Can I also follow this course individually?

No, this corporate MBA course is only available at an organisation level. You cannot follow it individually.

What kind of time investment should my organisation take into account for this cMBA?

The training consists of 8 parts, each in principle lasting a month. You decide at what pace your employees go through the training.

A “moderator” is appointed for each group that starts with the cMBA program. This person guides the group through the entire program. As an organisation, you can choose to let this be someone from your own organisation, or you can get support from SkillsTown.

Depending on that choice, an extra time investment by the organisation will be necessary.

Can this cMBA training be integrated into an existing online learning environment?

SkillsTown has various options for integrating the cMBA programme into another platform. If this is desirable, we will work together to see how we can best arrange this. Our team of experts will always provide a suitable solution.

How is it possible to do the MBA in 8 months compared to a traditional 2 years for the standard MBA? Should the course not be longer?

It’s a self-paced process – however it can be extended if necessary.

The process is quicker due to the fact it is a blended learning approach using multiple learning aid’s (online assessment, video, podcast, and case studies)

You do not write a thesis which typically as a larger research component and is lengthy – require academic writing “know how” and the process is set out by the university.

Does the course include any books (eBooks) that delegates need to study?

No eBooks – rather journal articles, video’s, podcast and the like that is update regularly and is relevant – book and ebooks date – therefore the cMBA provides the participant with current information but also using traditional sources as the foundation. A great combination of both (best of both worlds)

How much time must a manager/delegate set aside per week to manage the study workload and successfully complete the cMBA?

It’s all online so this would depend on the individual’s pace – so following the process we depend on how quickly the individual retains the information (would vary from person to person). It is recommended to set aside a minimum of an hour a day to break it down in “chunks” and will also not be as onerous.

Is there an outline of the program indicating weekly study and assignment goals?

Yes – this will also include master class schedule and what needs to be achieved. The business coach will support the individual and syndicates.

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  • Save you money
  • Help motivate, attract, develop and retain high-performing employees
  • Relevant assignments designed to get immediate results
  • Ensure your L&D spend will receive the available B-BBEE points


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